Leilani is an Interior Stylist and Decorator. She shares a beautifully decorated home on the Northern Gold Coast with her husband. Leilani has always loved making things look ‘beautiful’ and believes that creativity and style is not something that can be taught - it is a part of your DNA.

She has always been involved in creative industries, her background before interiors being Graphic Design. Leilani loved this innovative field, but found her heart lies with decorating and styling, and she wanted to be able to apply her collected design skills to produce visually stunning interiors.

Leilani has many years experience in the decorating and interior industries having worked with Brisbane’s leading Interior Designers and Stylists. She also has extensive experience as a freelance interior stylist and visual merchandiser working with local and national brands to produce beautiful interiors and displays for sale.

Leilani has a classic and timeless, elegant and chic signature style, peppered with a contemporary twist that is influenced by the coveted Hamptons/American style aesthetic. She is known for her elegant and classy design sense with a passion for decorating with timeless ‘blue and white’.

She creates inviting interiors that are not only chic and stylish but extremely liveable and functional. Leilani believes that attention to detail is key and that design and beauty must also be comfortable.

Leilani is an advocate of all things interior design, styling and decorating. Her home is her treasured sanctuary that is constantly evolving and she takes great pride and joy in creating a beautiful and welcoming space. In turn she applies that same love and care into every project that she creates. Leilani believes that when you’re passionate and treat your client’s home as your own, that is when you achieve the best results. 

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